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Recent surveys and latest patterns in office property sales have found out that larger clients and companies prefer flexible workspace solutions more and consider them as desirable and viable.

There is a noticeable increase in popularity of corporate coworking and number of big companies has shifted their operations to flexible workspace options in 2016.

The next important step is to figure out how members are using the space and the amenities they benefit from the most, and which ones do the workspace operators are still lacking and what are the areas that need to be improved.

The tenure and preferred office areas

It is seen that most coworking space users prefer contracts for tenure of less than a year and that the most popular choice continues to be the private office. Many companies now use open space workspaces more than they did in 2015, and many more make use of lounge areas.

Meeting Rooms never lose their importance

Meeting rooms, for the kind of role they play, continue to hold great importance for many workspace users. The truth is meeting rooms are still the second-most used facility that serviced office or coworking space providers offer.

Additional services and facilities

Moving on to amenities and services, the fact that the number of first-time users of serviced offices is rising indicates that the conversion from traditional spaces is still taking place. The polished services and easy and access to other facilities were the reasons of attraction towards serviced offices for tenants, along with the flexibility of having different-sized offices and workforces with limited outlay and reasonable prices.

The most common services and amenities that most workspace users are looking for at their coworking space are:


The location of the workspace is noted to be a major consideration in the decision-making process while going for new workplace.

Housekeeping Services:

Tenants want to have clean and neat surroundings and that is one of the most important services they wish for.

Additional Services:

There is also seen a rise in the value of offering cafes/canteens, and IT services for the coworkspace members.

Secretarial Services:

Services like telephone answering and trained live receptionist services are also checked by workspace seekers.

More Facilities:

A high-level of satisfaction from flexible workspace users is reported recently. Additional services like a fitness room in the premises, and a full – fledged café are also in demand and add to the value a coworking space user experience.

Possibility of Networking:

The real kicker reason for the rising popularity of coworking spaces among those hunting for a new workspace is the opportunity to increase networking with other members.

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