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The initial phase of every start up is always difficult and full of struggles. The biggest struggle faced is shortage of capital and the ever increasing of services to be availed. Start ups are generally found to be looking for free services available in the market.

ONE Co.Work brings you a list of few services that start ups can avail for free and that will help you at work.

WordPress: Started as blogging tool, WordPress is now much more than that. The world’s largest self-hosted blogging tool has millions of users. You can use it for anything from your art and craft site to a digital marketing classes web site without bearing the cost of a license fee and you also enjoy a number of other important freedoms.

Skillshare: Skillshare aims to reduce the gaps in the desired and possessed professional skills. They provide high-quality learning with a universal access. With a futuristic vision, Skillshare helps to develop skills needed in tomorrow’s progressive world, which in return empowers people to take their careers ahead, improve their lives, and pursue the work of their choice. Skillshare is an innovative concept which is in other words an online learning community, where anyone can discover, learn from, or even teach a class, as per the individual’s interest.

Startup Digest: Here, the best of curators work together to present the most relevant content from the startups industry. Whether you are an amateur entrepreneur and just advancing your start up idea, or you have an established name in the business world, Digest connects you with your suitable startup community through various events updates and top-notch content from the niche industry.

BROWSEO: In todays, digital world, you cannot ignore the importance of having an impactful online presence.  BROWSEO is a web based application that allows you to view any webpage eliminating all sorts of distractions caused by styles. It also indicates towards the parts of a page that are more important from the SEO point of view. It makes it possible for you to browse the web pages through the eyes of a search engine.

Erli Bird: Erli Bird, founded in 2012 in Chicago, is a global provider of remote global testing services for apps, websites, and and other internet based products. ErliBird serves some of the most respected technology companies across the globe- from promising new start ups to large companies who have set their feet well. Quickly and easily source engage able testers from the provided global panel, define your target audience demographics and collect user feedback at scale.

You will be able to see real user installs and engagement within minutes. Testers need not to mess with complex profiles. They simply install your app, and you receive higher engagement and better real-time feedback. You can also follow participation as it occurs through your project dashboard and interact with individual testers to put follow-up questions or provide support in the desired way.

Yanado: Yanado is task management system that provides tools, methods and philosophy to make work convenient for your different teams. With Yanado, you can turn important emails into tasks. Yanado looks & behaves like part of the Gmail. In addition, you can share tasks and manage projects straight from your Gmail. Yanado makes processing of emails quicker and easier that saves a good bulk of your time and you are free from the baggage of living in email. Yanado has a clean integration with Google Docs, having all reference material associated with any given task or project. Yanado says, “Use Gmail for emails, Yanado will take care of tasks.”

Do share with us which one among these free resources you think would benefit your business the most amd which do you like the best.

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