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It is an entrepreneur’s era. Youth today is innovative and full of enthusiasm to move ahead with their idea of business. Entrepreneurs are set to turn their dreams into realities. With a number of start-ups coming up, statistics show that many are doing pretty well, some are struggling, and for some, there many reasons that start-ups fail.

It is absolutely unpredictable how a start-up will end up. There are equal chances of success and failure, one must be ready for both. The golden rule remains to never give up. The best you can do to make it successful is to prepare well. In case you are wondering how, One Internet brings you a complete step-by-step guide to commence your start-up.

Your idea should be a solution

Think about a common problem faced by many and then find a solution to it. Your business idea should serve as a solution to the people you think would from your market. Conduct a complete and full fledged research on your idea and aspects related to it, like your actual target audience and how to reach them. A concrete research will help you to make effective plans.

Build your ideal team

Going solo might look fancy but having someone to share the load with is great. Build a suitable team to work with. Find people who share the common passion as you do. It is a good idea to find suitable people from your friend circle as you will have a comfort level while working with them

Just start!

Once you are ready with all the inputs, start working. Don’t waste time in collecting resources. Start with whatever you have. Many start-ups admit that they invested a lot of time and money on searching for office space and furniture, but soon realised that it was not all worth it. In fact, this is a major reason why start-ups prefer co-working spaces. With a number of options available today like plug and play co-working spaces and ready-to-use office spaces, this requirement does not seem to be a worry at all.

Be technically updated

Today, technology is at its peak. Technology has made work easier and you cannot afford to lack behind. Find out what new technologies are there in the market related to your line of business. Don’t just jump for any new technology you come across. Analyse its suitability and then adopt it for your business.

Choose your employees wisely

You do not want to invest time in training people and then losing them. It is better to select your employees carefully. They should be willing to work towards fulfilling your goal. Sources like HasJobs, Start-up Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn/Twitter and the Company career page have proved to be useful to look for suitable candidates.

After fulfilling all the above mentioned steps, work on your marketing strategies. Marketing is an important factor responsible for the success of a business. But spend judiciously and strategically. It is advisable to have a back up of capital ready to tackle crisis. In case you are planning start your new business or looking for a new office space in Delhi, One Internet would be more than happy to serve as an answer to your search. We provide co-working spaces in Delhi’s prime business location. Along with supportive co-working spaces, we offer services like virtual office, IT/HR/admin support, funding, mentorshp and networking events.

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