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Good habits help us lead a good life. We must try to eliminate complications from our life and look at things in a simpler way. When a glass has water filled till it’s half, it is always on you whether you choose to focus on the empty part or the filled part of the glass. The perspective you choose will decide the way you take the next step.

In continuation to “These habits will make your life simpler”, One Internet brings a list of some more good habits that can make life way better.


Get Organised

We generally take up two or three times at a time, even before we start actually doing something with them. For example, going through the mails in the inbox at one go first and then again revisiting them to actually read the mails. Instead, fix a time for each activity you need to undertake and strictly abide by the timing you decide.

List The Things That Truly Effect You

Has ever something like a quote or a meme perfectly summed up your feelings that you wanted to keep it forever? There are few things that you can really connect well with, you might have your own reasons to feel that way. It could be a rain coat, particular notebook or a photo frame.

If you find something that resonates with you, something that expresses your innerself or your —find a central place to keep those valuables. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a photo album, a leather binder, or a folder on Evernote, have a place to collect the things that matter – revisiting could provide you shelter.

Do Something That Reminds You Who You Are

We all joke about having “me” time, but what is that, really? It’s making time for those activities that we feel most authentically ourselves doing, when all the masks are off and we can just be. Whether it’s going for a run or dancing around with your 80s favourites blaring at top volume, make time for those moments. They’re incredibly rejuvenating.

Say No

Researchers have revealed that more the difficulty you face in saying no, the more likely you are to go through stress, burnout, and even depression, all of which adversely effect self-control. Saying no in fact proves to be a major challenge for many people.

Have Realistic Goals

Big, scary, extreme goals can be incredibly inspiring, but only until you fall short of the energy to go ahead with them. because if that happens, instead of inspiration, disappointment and guilt creep in.

It is not at all advices to stop setting goals that push your limits and challenge you but at the same time, a reality check of possibilities and impossibilities is not a harm.

Bringing It All Together

Your attitude, habits, way you spend your time determines your character. There is no point in chasing the things that you assume will bring you happiness, realise the truth that your peace and happiness depend completely on you.


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