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Planning to become an entrepreneur? Congratulations on your decision and all the best for your journey ahead. ONE Co.Work brings some amazingly cool tips for upcoming entrepreneurs to help them with their entrepreneurial venture.


You must care about and have full knowledge about what you are selling.

Read books on sales and persuasion. They are useful and can help you.

Learn the 3 L’s of selling. Love your product. Like the client/ customer. Listen to them.

Find common grounds with your clients, make them feel that you understand them, feel them and connect to them and that is why you can find solutions to your problems. Find out solutions for their big and small problems. Be the problem with conceiving new idea or the budget, make sure you come up with some solution for it.

Get a high-level champion for your company. Make sure they understand the goal of your company and can communicate well to the clients and other stake holders.

Sales need to happen all the time, every moment. Always, think about the sales aspect before doing anything.

Earn From Your Business

Develop a problem-solving mindset and thrive to get new clients every day.

You work to earn, earning money is the reason you started working. So don’t fall into the trap of ‘Cash Later’ policy, instead follow the ‘Cash Now’ policy. Money is the lifeline of your business and earning good money only can ensure that your business continues to run well.

Do Not Get Angry

You will encounter many situations and reasons to get angry at you customers, partners, employees, landlords, buyers, shareholders and competitors.

But you cannot afford to get angry.

The truth is that anger is actually fear in disguise. So know what do you fear. It could be the client quitting, failure of a project etc. Then find a solution to curb your fear. Look at the worst case scenario possible. Then prepare accordingly.

Learn to Say Yes And Say No

Yes, you need to say yes to almost everything to get the maximum deals. But then you should when to say no or when to start saying no. remember that the client is always right and at the same time don’t let the client believe that you will agree to whatever they say. Have your say, but say correct things at the correct time.

Don’t Spend Too Much

Don’t spend too much money on everything you come across.

Make sure that you have a bigger bank balance at the end of the month, i.e. when bills are due than what you had at the beginning of the month

Spend wisely, know the difference between taking risks and taking calculated risks. Strike a balance between grabbing new things to make work easier and prevent over shopping at the same time.

Have Fun

Work hard but don’t forget to have a little fun too. A little fun at work could help you to rejuvenate your mind and come up with new ideas. Create fun moments while working so that your team stays energetic and positive. Have team building activities and employee engagement activities so that the team members look forward to work and perform better.

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