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Every startup is an idea that is built upon by the founder but to make it work he/she needs the team that will be the perfect support system.

According to multiple kinds of research done in the startup sector, experts came up with a list of six personalities that help in taking a new startup to a world renowned company

Here are the people your core team should be made up of: 

  1. The Born Genius:
  2. “Every startup needs at least one genius to get off the ground,” said Bernd Schoner, author of The Tech Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide. 

    The idea behind this is to add this one person whose intellect and diva behavior pushes the rest of the team to do better and in a help them do things they never knew how to otherwise. Since this person is filled with passion and is one of the highest risk takers of the team.

  3. The Superstar:
  4. Every startup needs that one person who is always ready to get down to business and get the work done at every moment of the day. From the smallest task of getting supplies to highest tasks to keeping the community growing. The entire team needs a person who is nerdy, has charisma and is full of eccentricity.

    In most cases, the genius and the superstar are the same people since it is difficult to find a personality devoid to either one.

  5. The Leader:
  6. Every team needs a person who is there to guide them into the right direction and to keep the team knit in a bunch. This person needs to know how to make tough decisions and make sure all lives run smoothly in the work space.

    “Every startup needs a clear leader,” says Schoner. “It doesn’t mean they’re paid more or have more equity, and they’re not necessarily the CEO. It just means that the others look up to this person and are willing to follow them–if there is conflict and controversial decisions need to be made.”

  7. The Industry Veteran:
  8. Most startups are started with new and unique ideas that work towards changing the industry they work in. But, it always helps to hire a person who has a few solid years of experience in their pocket.

    That person becomes the go-to contact for all insider market details, they can help in giving ideas that have worked in the past and what will work in the near future as well. The expertise and the know how of the industry help the company grow in a way that it becomes a part of the industry while changing it at the same time.

  9. The Sales Animal:
  10. Every startup needs to sell their ideas if they don’t then what is the point of having a product. A strong salesperson helps minimize the risk one takes at the beginning stages of a company.

    “The combination of technical insight, founder authority, and sales experience is a hard-to-beat advantage in the competitive marketplace,” he says.

  11. The Financial Suit:
  12. A person who takes care of the finances is one of the most important talents in a new company especially if it is boot-strapped in the initial stages because they cannot afford to make financial mistakes.

    “Understandably, they are trying to build a career, make money quickly, or own as much stock as possible by the time the founding members of your venture are ready for an exit,” he says. “If you can put a skilled co-founder in charge of overseeing the finance function, you may enjoy a little bit of extra peace of mind.”

“Good skills are an insurance policy against hard times on a company,” he says. “But when in doubt, pick people who have similar values. How do they define success for a startup? Is it money? World contributions? Having similar beliefs about how you run your life can bring longevity as a team.”

The idea is just the seed, the team is the soil that hold the seed and helps it grow!

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“All the Best for your future endeavors”

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