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When you run a business there are multiple things that need your attention and when that happens you are bound to get pulled in multiple directions and some tasks will be left unattended to, so it becomes extremely important to plan your day properly.

Here are a few tips to make sure every week is planned to perfection:

  • Plan a day for planning:

Start picking a day which is comfortable for you to plan the entire week ahead. Dedicate each day to a core task keeping in mind all the need based work that may spring up. It will help you be consistent and in completing all your task in a smooth sailing way.

  • A place to get organized:

Everyone has a place that makes them feel calm and positive, on the day you do all your planning visit that place and work from there. You will be able to organize better if you are surrounded by a positive environment it is easy to focus and get the work done. Try to make sure that the place you choose is not your home and is outside like a park bench so that you get that daily dose of fresh air as well.

  • Brainstorm Projects/Goals:

When you are running a business there are multiple goals you need to achieve, it helps to break them down and prioritize according to the time each project needs. These goals that you set for yourself should in the end help achieve your yearly business plans. It does not have to be a major goal even the smaller goals need prioritization which leads to you achieving the bigger goals easily. Set Measurable Goals

  • Make sure the goals can be measured:

While setting weekly goals make sure that they can be measured at the end of the day. It does not make sense to set a goal that says “I will make sure the sales are more” because there is no quantitative measurement for it, instead of that make it “I will sell 30 more products” which is way easier to check. At the end of the week when you sit down to make a tally of your goals, counting the number of products sold will be much easier to tick off the list, hence, making your life way more organized.

  • Set Deadlines:

Set deadlines for yourself, this goes hand-in-hand with setting measurable goals. If you are going to post on Twitter 5 times or build a bench when should those things be completed by? Personally, I’d take it one step further and set a daily activity goal of “1 Twitter Post Today.” Deadlines help you manage time wisely and give you urgency to complete the goals you have set for yourself.

  • Challenge Yourself:

If you’re new to planning or have just started a business don’t overwhelm yourself and set unrealistic expectations. Start slow. Schedule in what you know you can do and then one or two things that push you. It always helps if you challenge yourself every week by penning down a higher goal or doing an extra task, make sure you are capitalizing on your full potential every week.

  • Review Results:

When you sit down to do your weekly planning make sure to start with reviewing your results from the week before. Did you hit your sales goal? Did you finish the bench? Did you post on Twitter 5 times? Celebrate your successes and note your opportunities. It is important to figure out why some of the tasks are always left incomplete and figure out if the fault lies in your planning o not. Now that you have reviewed your previous week it’s time to plan the current week!

In the end, it is all about making sure that you are not overwhelmed by all the work and responsibility and have time to enjoy all the success that comes your way!

“All the Best for your future endeavors”

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