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The co-working sector is one the most rapidly booming sectors in the country right now as more and more companies venture into this.

There a few spaces that have made their mark in the industry and are on the path of steady growth and one of them is ONE Co.Work. This company was started in 2015, exactly 2 years ago and has already catered to (number) of companies and if working out of central location like Connaught Place, Gurgaon and Netaji Subhash Place.

Co-working spaces like ONE Co.Work, not just give a space to you and your group but also a completely utilitarian IT and Admin setup, a setup to entertain your clients and a plan that is customizable to your needs.

Why should you choose ONE Co.Work? Here is why:

  • The most ideal approach to get your group together:

In a time when real-estate is getting more and more expensive and getting the desired interior is a distant dream, startups are forced to work out of their homes of coffee-houses. But with co-working spaces, it is easy for them to get all the benefits of a work-space without going through the struggle of buying property.

  • Back-End Support:

Most co-working spaces like ONE Co.Work give back-end benefits also. They have IT and Admin backup, alongside a reception to answer all your client calls, housekeeping and much more.

  • A space to develop:

While working out of your home or a neighbourhood café sounds agreeable yet there are no open doors for you to develop in terms of a business. But at a co-working space, a startup is given everything required from a whiteboard to meeting rooms to whatever they need which shows improvement over the lounge chair at your neighbourhood cafe.

  • Happy customers:

When you have a setup it is considerably easy for your customers to reach you and it makes an awesome impression too. Not simply customers, it is anything but difficult to get speculation for a startup that does not work out of the founders home. A co-working space is an attractive range that can be utilized to inspire potential customers and financial investors.

  • A consistently developing group:

Since it is a co-working zone there are different companies and corporates that work out of the same place which gives you an immense chance to connect with new individuals consistently and develop your circuit since you never know who can help in which way. A regularly developing group gives a colossal hover loaded with individuals from each part.

  • They keep you on your toes:

Being encompassed by similar people will help keep you centred. On the off chance that you don’t understand that you’ve been talking for 60 minutes, the other individual presumably will. A good, focused environment is bound to rub off you and leave a good mark.

  • Super advantageous areas:

When you’re picking a space, ensure you consider the location. This will be your office, so discover a place that is either near where you live or in a region that you require/need to invest a considerable measure of energy in. ONE Co.Work has three centres that are located in central business areas of Delhi-NCR and are growing in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Noida by 2018 and are well connected through metros and roads.

  • Events and Celebration:

Numerous co-working spaces hold events that provide food, interaction and fun, particularly for their community. They can be discussions by different authors, tech specialists or even fun-accommodating rivalries to keep the confidence high. This enables individuals to pick up information and bring some relief also.

  • Virtual office:

Possibly you like the present setup and schedule that you have with your group and would prefer not to aggravate that however despite everything you require a corporate address for correspondence with customers and financial specialists, all things considered, ONE Co.Work offers a virtual office which gives the majority of the advantages a perpetual corporate address deliver without really going to one.

A co-working space is the future for all startups and s rapidly decreasing the need to invest in an entire office space and ONE Co.Work is rapidly moving towards providing state of the art facilities to its customers.

“All the Best for your future endeavours”

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