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The trend to operate from a coworking space is taking a troll. It is the new way modern day companies choose to work. The concept of shared workplace seems to be quite inspired by today’s shared economy. Shared office spaces basically move on three tiers, which make the functioning smooth and fulfill the purpose of such workspaces. The three tiers which keep the coworking spaces moving are:

  • Physical Aspect which means the office space
  • Logistical Aspect which includes other physical resources, for e.g. furniture
  • Intellectual Aspect which indicates towards the whole community at the workplace with which an individual engages and shares knowledge to create value

Coworking is not limited to a physical configuration of an office space. There are many things to be looked after at a traditional office space, for e.g. office maintenance and huge costs involved in it, electric, telephone and other connections and a lot more. Whereas, at a coworking space, all you need would be your laptop. This way you get the maximum time and space you require to be more efficient and productive.

ONE Co.Work brings you ways to make the best out of your coworking space.


Discipline is not only about completing office shifts. In fact it is not about that at all. Yes, punctuality and regularity in office is important but the hours spent at work should be productive too. The workplace where you spend most of your time should carry a sense of productivity. Maintain the decorum of the place, behave the way you want the fellow co-members to behave there.

Utilize the space

There are a number of additional facilities provided by coworking spaces r their members access to a lot to that they would not have otherwise. For e.g. Meeting Rooms, Video Conferencing and reception/ secretarial services. Such facilities save you from spending huge amount on resources, and most importantly, your time. At coworking places, easy access to these services make work much easier for you.

Additionally, operating from coworking spaces also allows you to interact and build relations with many big players in the ecosystem and know more about the industry. Members can benefit from such facilities and opportunities which lets them save their time and resources, and add to their productivity.

Benefit from your Co-Workers

A coworking space lets you build a community where people could connect, collaborate and create something new and useful. Open up, mix up and build up healthy relations to all your coworkers. That means not only your team but also other co-members.

Be a part of the community

Coworking spaces organize high-value events for their members which contribute to build up a community for their members to thrive in.

Participate in the events, it will let you gain better access to the community your Coworking Space has to offer.

Add Personal touch to your space

Coworking spaces are much more than just temporary solution for your office needs. You can always add some personal touch to your space. Shared workspaces have a social environment, personalizing your worskspace will help you to disconnect from your surroundings, and focus solely on your work.

The best way to extract the most from a coworking space is to strike the right balance between being social and private. Try to look at your office as much more than just a desk or a workstation, make it yours.


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