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The office for your start up isn’t just the physical space you work at. Be it a small, large or co-workspace, it’s how you maintain the space that can influence everything from overall employee satisfaction to daily output.

Here are some of the common views that successful founders share on what kind of workspace they prefer, and how it all impacts the culture of their start up.

The Work Space Is the Body Language of Your Start Up

The work space that your start up works at is it’s the body language. It reflects the organisation’s identity. It also decides the way that your team works and influences the perception of you and your brand that the outside world carries. You must choose the location, design and all other selections carefully, based on what you do, the growth phase your start up is in, the image you wish to create for your brand and what you can reasonably afford. A hedge fund carried by two persons and a small app development start up does not have the same requirements. In fact, even companies which do the exact same work, but are way too small and big, also have different requirements for their workplaces.

Mind the Comfort Factor

Even though modern technology has enabled communications through our computers, you should give emphasis on having a comfortable, bright working space for your team. Consider spacious office spaces with enough of natural light. There are more ideas such as a bed-like couch in the back, or a lively living room. These provide the team with opportunities to have change of environment. The addition of new common spaces increases face-time the team members have with each other. This becomes the key to a happy and well co-ordinating team.

Environment Is Essential

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  – African proverb

One of the most important aspects of the start up environment is the way it lets the team to interact. However great your idea might be, the team you pick to execute work is as important as the main business idea you are working on. An ideal work space is that which provides an environment where team members are able to optimally work together. The way they interact, they bump into each other, they share ideas with each other. You can also ask for feedback. The way your start up environment is set up can foster the required ecosystem for your team.

Effects on Morale

Every start up needs to go through phases of growth and a sense of achievement so that people can truly appreciate the growth of the company. Many companies start at home and continue that way until expense of getting an office can be borne. Though some employees do not want to work from home and would work in a cafe or maybe a temp office. But once an office space is acquired, it lets the employees know that true hard work made this new environment affordable.


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