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Today’s work and workplace designs are going through revolution and the factor around which the revolution is moving is flexibility. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs, managers, and start up owners are constantly finding ways to remove the barriers to make better human interactions, drive creativity, and give workers the freedom to choose how they are most comfortable to work.

Workplace design plays a major role in improving performance, leading to motivation, and increasing productivity. ONE Co.Work brings some ways startups and coworking space operators can make better use of their workspace to optimise efficiency.

Success by workspace design

The modern workplace needs to be flexible. The best way to fulfil this criteria is to use coworking spaces. Coworking or shared workspaces serve as a paragon for modern workplace design and develops new business philosophy. The modern day flexible workspace facilitates productivity, it maximizes usage of the area, and it promotes worker wellbeing by building a healthy work community. The workspace should encourage dynamic workflows, daily movement, and vivid collaboration. Companies and workspace operators should strike a fine balance between open and secluded work environments so that varying lines of work and work styles can be accomodated.

Interactive matrix

Coworking spaces have been very successful in building an interactive matrix. They enable people to move around the office throughout the day and provide the chances to engage in chance encounters and spontaneous interactions.

Such opportunities to establish interactions and interesting design elements are successful as they drive collaboration by allowing individuals to choose how and where they work.

Technological infrastructure

Technology is now the core of business growth–and it’s technology that drives and powers many flexible workspaces. There are many processes done at coworking spaces like booking, the billing, the automation, the wifi, etc. that are completely depended on technology. Investing in cutting-edge technology is a pre requisite in today’s business world if you want to attract and retain new clients and members.

When it comes to technological infrastructure, workspace operators should not limit their thinking to videoconferencing, lightning fast internet, cloud storage options, and even artificial intelligence; operators should not overlook the basics, like having enough outlets at convenient locations and spread out across the workplace evenly.

A poor deployment of outlets and networking ports will make workers to go to the corners of rooms again and again regardless of the overall layout of the space. This would in turn discourage collaboration thus defeating the purpose of coworking space.

Flexibility and Resilience

The only constant in today’s modern day world is change. A flexible workspace operator needs to stay on top and up to date on ever shifting workloads, schedules, working trends, and worker needs i n the modern age. Your workspace design needs to be such that it can easily adapt to market trends and needs, that too without having to incur significant cost and time.

To make the most and the best out of a coworking space, owners and managers need to think focus on appropriate workspace design, incorporate advanced technology, set clear target audience, and embrace flexibility fully.

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