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Research conducted with more than a million people concluded that the best bosses have a lot in common. To be particular, 90% of them are skilled at managing their emotions which enables them to stay focussed, calm, and productive.

They are blessed with a high emotional intelligence (EQ), a skill set that’s critical to achieving your dreams.

One can change one’s behaviour, and leaders who work to improve themselves get desired results.

There are numerous effective strategies that great bosses employ. ONE Co. Work has listed 10 of the best.

Be Composed

Great bosses are composed because they constantly keep a check on their emotions, they try to understand them, and they use this knowledge in moments when they need to react to challenging situations with self-control. When things go the opposite way from that as planned, you need to be persistently calm and extremely content. Remember that no matter how good or bad things get, everything changes with time. All you can do is adapt and adjust to stay happy and in control, whatever the situation is.

Be Graceful

By graceful it is meant the perfect combination of strong and gentle. Do not resort to intimidation, anger, or manipulation to reach a point across as a gentle, self-assured nature can get you the job better. It is this gentleness of being graceful that gives ultra-successful leaders their power to go head and win.

Other people should find you approachable, likeable, and easy to get along with, so that they are highly amenable to their ideas.

Be Knowledgeable

Great bosses know more than others do because they’re constantly looking for opportunities to increase their self-awareness. They crave for constant growth. Fill each of your spare moments with self-education. It should be like your passion to learn more and more everytime.

Keep trying to improve and new things to learn about themselves and the world around. Instead of succumbing to the fear of looking stupid, truly exceptional people just ask the questions which comes on their mind, because this would rather help them to learn something new than just appear smart.

Be Honest

Great bosses believe that honesty and integrity always prove to work out for the best in the long run. They know that honesty leads to genuine connections with people in a way that dishonesty never can and that lying always comes back to bite in the end. Studies have shown that people who often lied have experienced more mental health problems than their more honest counterparts.

Always Speak With Certainty

Successful leaders speak assertively. Avoid uttering words like “Um,” “I’m not sure,” and “I think.” The truth is that it is difficult to get people to listen to you and your point if you can’t deliver your ideas with conviction.

Develop a Positive Body Language

Becoming cognizant of your warm gestures, positive expressions and tone of voice draws people to you. Use an enthusiastic tone, uncross your arms, maintain eye contact, and lean slightly towards the person who is speaking. You can use a positive body language use to draw others in. Positive body language can make all the difference in a conversation because how you say something is actually more important than what you say.

Be Confident

Successful leaders keep challenging themselves and continue to compete, make sure your efforts yield only small victories. Build up your confidence and try to develop eagerness to tackle future challenges.

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