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#May6withArnab has been trending on Twitter in India since the night of May 5. As soon as the channel went live, this hashtag reached number one spot on Twitter.  Globally, it trended at number 4 spot. The numbers say: 130K mentions for republic TV related hashtags, 100 tweets per minute, 75,000 mentions globally for #MAY6withArnab alone received.

These numbers indicate that a lot can be learned from the entrepreneur called Arnab Goswami. ONE Co.Work lists 6 things every start-up can learn from him.

Create a distinct product:

Arnab Goswami is famed for crafting an independent media platform. He was quoted saying, “Our brand of journalism not only appeals to the people of this country, but is also distinctive enough to stand out. I realized that this powerful form of journalism has to branch out on its own and seek independence.” His brand of journalism is loved for being opinionated and not merely factual.

Learning: Create a product that is unique and strikes a chord with people!

Be Fearless:

Arnab Goswami bid adieu to his sense of fear. “In 2010, when we broke the first bunch of scams, these politicians would call me and say, ‘We will throw you out of your job.’ There were threats that were issued. There were attempts to drive me to court. I remember one day when I had to go to two of India’s top lawyers and ask for their personal intervention to appear for me in court, because nobody was willing to employ the best lawyers to fight my cases.”  He believed in his way of working and continued the same minus and fearful strings attached.

Learning:  Follow your path courageously

Do what you love :

Arnab’s much loved hobby is debating and he build a career around the same. News is his life and he has no other interest.  Thus, in order to be successful you should do what you love. A successful entrepreneur’s job is his life.

Learning: Follow your heart

Excel in your spadework:

Prior to stepping in a debate, Goswami has all his facts in place.  His show is punctuated with a lot more facts that any other show.

Learning: Do your homework well

Be confident, creative, and determined

The media and audience look up to him for his confidence and frank behavior. His went-too-far attitude, strong-opinionated views, fierce arguments…speak of his charisma. His creativity has won him copious awards and given him constant high TRPs.

Learnings: Be creative

Possesses leadership qualities

Arnab Goswami’s team looks up to his leadership qualities. He has the art of demanding attention.

Learning: Arm yourself up with excellent leadership skills.

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