ONE Co. Work wishes everyone a very happy women’s day and salutes the spirit called women.

While we strongly believe a day is not enough to celebrate the greatness of womanhood, we look at this day as an opportunity to acknowledge the same.

Women play a visibly important and crucial role in everybody’s life in some or the other way, or in many ways to be honest. But, when it comes to work, women are seen to play major and better roles than men. Yes, gender should not never be the criteria to judge one’s abilities, specially at work, but it is women’s day today and that gives us the liberty to be a little biased towards women today. And they deserve it! Here are five ways in which women prove to be better at work than men.

They are Better communicators.

Women are better as listeners as compared to men, and this is the skill that is most critical while managing employees and customers. Women are more discussion oriented and men are seen to want to just take action. Men communicate more through practical activities rather than conversations.

Employees want their managers to listen to their point of view, and customers want the service provider to empathize with their problems. Being a better communicator leads to a stronger relationship. Such relationships are built on trust, which is essential for establishing loyalty.

They are Better community builders.

Women are better consensus builders and don’t need to direct everyone in what to do, unlike men. In this era where Internet connects everyone, “beta managers,” those who know how to build cooperative relationships, achieve more success than traditional “alpha managers.”

The best managers are those who are learning to lead through the influence that comes from building collaboration.

They are Stronger Business Ethics.

Women, who are effective managers acknowledge and consider the plus points of others in the pursuit of fairness.

Running a small business or a start up is a minefield of ethical choices. When pushed to the limit, too many owners end up doing the wrong thing and run askew of their own ethical standards. Having a strong moral code definitely helps business owners to deal with these types of challenges and difficulties, which will certainly push them to their limit.

They have More patience.

Women have far more patience with employees as compared to men. They usually do not prefer to jump to an immediate conclusion or make a quick decision or take action too soon. In fact, studies have shown that women are willing to wait longer for a desired result.

For most small businesses, it takes seven to 10 years to achieve “overnight success”. The winners are the ones that can afford to be patient enough to take thoughtful actions, which look like small steps toward a specific desired goal.

They are Better at Activating Passion.

Women are found to be more astute about knowing how to activate passion in their employees. They notice the 43 muscles in your face and figure out how your emotions change.

Passion results in loyalty. Motivate your employees, and they’ll become genuinely passionate about your product or service and thus to your company. In a social media world like today’s, where most consumers check online reviews before buying, a fiercely loyal community is the strongest marketing strategy for any business or start up  to in true sense of the word.

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