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As the start up culture has seen a rise, the trend of managing remote teams is also at a pace. Many start ups work from their virtual offices, co-ordinating with a team of freelancers for tasks like graphic designing, content writing, web development and many more. Remote work culture is the need of the hour and a solution to many issues which arise in today’s scenario. Even though hring freelancers is common now a days, maintaining good relations with them over a period seems to be difficult, and that’s why most entrepreneurs and start up owners struggle to maintain a strong work culture among remote team members.

If you’re starting working on your start up or as an entrepreneur and looking forward to recruit a remote team to handle daily tasks, you must know exactly what it takes to build a strong work culture among remote teams. ONE Co. Work comes with few suggestions that can help you

Keep The Responsibilities Crystal Clear From The Beginning

Even though the engagement is from different locations and being operated from a virtual office, it is important that your team members are aware of their responsibilities.  KRAs (Key Result Areas) can help you and your team members make things clear. Try to have an easy going remote association but ensure that the team members don’t forget their KRAs at any stage. This will help you prevent any sort of gap in the performances.

Develop Trust Among Your Team Members

The employees not present in front of you, but that doesn’t mean you have no faith in the team-members. If any of them is not able to deliver their work on time, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are out on bunk with their friends and having fun.

There is a possibility of innumerable reasons which you do not know. So, have faith in your team members and try to establish a relation with them on a positive note.

Use The Latest Tools For Communication

Communication is the most crucial task in case of a remote team and operating from a virtual office. In fact, lack of proper communication is the reason of failure of most remote team associations. Maintaining a flawless communication might become a challenge when your team members are miles away from you.

The latest communication tools can help to get rid of this problem. They are easily accessible these days and facilitate a hassle-free communication. Some of the tools that many  start ups use to operate their virtual offices and keep in touch with their remote team members are Skype, Slack, Google Hangout and of course WhatsApp Groups.

Express That You Care For Them

It is important that you care for your remote team members, and you must show it to them, otherwise they’re not going to know about it. Monetary/non-monetary rewards are a good way to improve and maintain professional associations. Surprise gift hampers, written thank you notes, and appreciation emails whenever they’ve done something worth it is a great idea. Tokens of appreciation or such gestures give a boost to their moral.

Don’t Let Them Feel Left Out

Lastly, make sure that never does any of your remote team members feel that they’re sidelined by you. Also, it would be great if you could meet them once in a while, even if its only once a month or two months to ensure that the work relations remain intact. This can definitely strengthen your bond with them and make it easier to work together. Your virtual office operations become smoother and more fruitful.

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