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Entrepreneurship, commencing your own start up or starting your journey as a founder, put it in any string of words, the sound might change but the difficulty won’t. You are going to face a hard time once you have taken the decision to start your own business. that doesn’t mean  founders stop building their own start-ups! The fear of hardships should make them decline from taking that bold and courageous step. In fact, more and more entrepreneurs are required to come up to improve the scenario of employment and construct a better world economy.

Still wondering about the stress part about entrepreneurship? Don’t worry, there is always a way out. One Co.Work bring you a few steps that start up founders can take to cope up with stress and anxiety.

Discover yourself first

One of the most common reasons behind people wishing to become entrepreneurs is that it looks attractive and glorious. Of course, carrying your own business is glorious and something to be proud of, but that should not be the sole driving reason or motivation.

The truth is that every individual is programmed differently and has different tolerance levels of stress and risks. So the first necessary step is to analyse yourself and know more about your own personality. You must know whether you have the ability to live in uncertainty or not, because if you are not then it is going to be a difficult journey for you.

Do not compare with anyone else

Comparison with more successful entrepreneurs is the worst way you can let down yourself. Start up owners are usually seen to be full of enthusiasm about their business. But as time passes, it tends to turn more and more difficult. This often leads to self doubt, low confidence and weak mental state.

Success does not limit to materialistic things and monetary gains but it is also about true expression of one’s inner self. So do not fall into the trap of comparisons. Focus on your work instead, your hard work will pay you when time comes.

Find yourself an emotional cushion for comfort

Entrepreneurship is a tough decision to take and it is even tougher to live up to it. The journey is definitely going to have many up’s and down’s.  Accept that there is a lot you will have to face and it would be great if you could find someone to share it with. Your close friends and relatives or anyone whom you are comfortable with can be of great help. Talking and venting out can prove to be a stress buster.

Involve in some recreational activities

You must have some ‘Me’ time for yourself in your time table. You need retreat and recharge yourself. Meditation, yoga, running, swimming, a creative hobby like painting or singing are some ideas to relax and distress yourself. The point is you have to find time to shut down your gadgets and kind of disconnect from the world and relax from within.

Doing something that you really like, apart from your work,  or something that relaxes has many benefits. It helps you to develop and grow as an individual and it is scientifically proven. Such activities release endorphin and dopamine hormones which contribute in cutting down on stress levels.

Take a Proper Diet

Physical and mental health go hand in hand and you have to take care of both to achieve success in its true sense. While you want to make a place in the world through your work, you must look after your own health and ensure that you eat well so that you have enough energy to run your business.

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