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Appreciation is best form of encouragement. Imagine the rush of happiness you felt when your teacher announced your good marks in from the whole class. Good leaders know it very well that simple words of appreciations can boost up the performance of their employees, hence contributing to the growth of the company. If you own a start up and really want your employees to love the organisation as much as you do, try saying these five statements to boost their level of confidence.

“Let me know Your Thoughts on This”

The best source of fresh ideas is your employees. Ask for suggestions from them. This way you can get to dig out the hidden creativity of your team mates. They also get an opportunity to create something new for your start up. Try saying something like- “Please work on some solutions as well, while you come across the restrictions,” this will help them to develop leadership skills within themselves.

It is a great encouragement to have someone who listens to all your crazy ideas without any judgement. Become that person for your start up team. A welcoming question like “what do you think?” will make your employees feel valuable and encourage them to participate more enthusiastically. Create an environment for them at the workplace where they have the freedom to express their ideas.

“Thank You For Sharing That Idea. I Think Your Explanation Was Really Good.”

This goes right after the above mentioned point. Even if you don’t like the problem presented/solution found, do not straight away reject it. Instead, appreciate the effort that they came forward and took responsibility of sharing it. Everybody loves to be recognised for their efforts and the difference they make. A humble ‘thank you’ works wonders. All you have to do is to pay attention to their efforts.

Also, share all the feedback that you receive- be it an appreciation from client or a feedback about changing the corporate policies, share it with your team.  Express a thoughtful thankfulness for everything that you are grateful for. This will ensure the employee that his/her effort is received well and appreciated.

“I Think You Should Definitely Continue The Great Spirit.”

Great leaders do not settle on simply good work. They will always push their employees to perform even better. They keep on giving genuine feedback for every commendable work help the employees to rectify the wrongs.

Your role as a leader should not be limited to extracting work all the time. But at the same time they make sure that their employees are working to achieve their personal goals. Just as you are focused about your start up’s future goals, make sure that your employees keep an eye on their goals and self-learnings.

An ideal leader fosters an environment where people can experiment, where people are not scared to take risks.

“Keep Going With The Great Work!”

It might sound like a very simple and common thing to say but it really acts as a token of appreciation to your employee. It is even better than a big fat appraisal. Let your employees see you as their role model, it is okay to appreciate them more than they deserve.

“Come Over! I Have Important And Fun Assignment For You”

You should sound exciting when you call out one of your employees for some work. Let your positive energy transfer to your employees through enthusiastic way of calling. It shows a little hint of faith and can boost the morale of your employee by ten times.

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