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Start-ups Watch Out for these 5 Free Tools That Will Help in Digital Marketing

 Creating an influential digital presence is expensive and essential at the same time.  However, the market is flooded with free digital marketing tools that help entrepreneurs create an impression in the digital world.

ONE Co.Work lists out five free tools every start-up should be using!


1. Keyword Planner:

One of the best research tools, it’s a concoction of Keyword Planner and Google AdWords Estimator Tool.  Ideal for SEO purposes, its emphasis is on a keyword’s traffic volume and competitiveness.  It’s used beneficially by both beginners and digital marketing experts.


Application: Apply it when you are commencing any new search campaigns or expanding existing campaigns.  Depend on it when you are hunting for relevant ideas or use it to assess the performance of a keyword.

Link:  https://adwords.google.com/intl/en_in/home/


2. Canva:

The free graphic design tool titled ‘Canva’ helps non-designers to create info-graphics as well as other presentations, visuals, and graphics. Canva gives you tutorials that help you maximize your business and simplifies the designing process.


Application: Make use of Canva’s free stock of infographics, images, visuals, layouts, templates for your Social Media Posts, Content Marketing, Blogging, and at times even Advertising needs. Canva also allows you to upload your image and pick text options.

Link: https://www.canva.com/


3. Charlie:

This informative tool compiles one-pagers on the people you have a meeting with. Prior to every meeting that’s marked in your calendar, Charlie fills you up with breaking news on their company, the passions and hobbies professional history, and much more. Charlie digs into 100,000’s sources for data, sifts through social media platforms to find what a person really like to talk about, and what’s truly important to them that you need to know.


Application: Charlie makes sure you have all the required information in your bucket and thus you can craft an awesome impression.  With this tool, you stand out in every conversation and it assists you in closing every deal.

Link: https://charlieapp.com/


4. Hotjar:

Designed by webmasters to analyze and study website traffic. This website and mobile analytics tool enable web developers, analysts, digital marketers, UI developers etc.


Application:  Apply it to get a deeper understanding of your web and mobile site visitors. This will also give you access to hottest opportunities while optimizing the usability and conversion rate of the sites.

Link: https://www.hotjar.com/

5. Social Board:

This social technology enabler builds technology that helps businesses and brands to better understand social media and harness its real power. This open source tool is of great value to digital marketers, SMEs, and startups.


Application:  Once you apply the power of Social Board to your business, you will get a heads up on the changing trends. It helps you avail maximum out of Social Media advertising.

Link: https://www.socioboard.com/

“All the Best for your future endeavors”

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