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5 Biggest Time Wasters you need to Say NO too

Wearing the entrepreneur’s hat is demanding and the stress quotient multiplies when you realize that 24hrs are just not sufficient. More errands and duties start knocking your day and you wind up working extended periods and weekends to complete it all.

In order to succeed, you’ll have to figure out how to master time management skills and this calls for addressing and eliminating the multiple time-wasting ways. ONE Co.Work, addresses the multiple time-wasting ways

  1. Not Planning Your Day

Do you open your day with a detailed To-Do list, or do you just sail through the day punching rolls? Start-up founders are pulled in all directions by partners, employees, vendors etc.

Founders develop a tendency to withdraw from arranging their day ahead of time. This makes it difficult to achieve – or even comprehend – your principle needs. It’s essential to dedicate 15 minutes in the morning to craft your priorities and how you’ll schedule them throughout your day.

  1. Zero Email Administration

Caught in the communication web? Your email is open 24/7 and you can’t resist the task of answering every message that pops up. Not a good policy. Rather, keep all your correspondence solidified, in assigned “correspondence hours” consistently, and don’t give yourself a chance to get persistently diverted.


  1. Not Delegating

New entrepreneurs are super excited about their work and their thoughts, and they tend to abhor the possibility of someone else taking control over that work. They abstain from assigning even minor tasks to their other team.

Do keep in mind that it is essential to spend your hours on tasks you specialize in.  Everything else can be taken care of by your team. Hire individuals you can trust to finish the work minus strict control.


  1. Say No to Unnecessary meetings

Meetings can end up wasting a lot of your time. As a rule, do not step into a meeting that you don’t actually need to attend. If a meeting can be carried on by your team member, excuse yourself. When an over 60 minutes meeting – can be effectively solidified to 30 minutes or even less, make sure you wrap it up in less time.

  1. Do not Blindly Adhere to the Framework

Soak your feet in the start-up territory embracing de facto that your original plans for how the startup will run probably won’t pan out the way you think. Hiccups, communication gaps, and unforeseen developments will punctuate your journey.  Analyzing, scrutinizing and reshaping will eat up your time. Bring about focused changes really fast. Don’t dwell on the past a lot.

“All the Best for your future endeavors”

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