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The last year was a year of changes. One of the visible changes were those seen in workspace trends. More employees demanded for flexible work hours, more companies switched to coworking and fully serviced office spaces. This motivated the employees and gave them more than one option of where to work from, and yet more integration between work life and personal life was seen.

Trying to look forward in 2017, workplace trends seem to adapt to work and workplace flexibility even more. Modern day companies and their employees are becoming more comfortable with such alternative ways of working and alternative workspace set ups. This further predicts the shift of preference to shared workspaces.

In order to be in the current league of ideal coworking spaces, your workspace must be aligned with current trends, operate on the appropriate values to fulfill the expectations of your clients.

These 4 workplace trends will make or break your workspace in the year 2017.

Wellness hold importance

Today, employees are and should be conscious about wellness in the workplace. Your workspace design as well as workplace culture also contributes in creating wellness at workplace. With more flexible work schedules and more options to work from, the need to create work-life balance has now become work-life integration.

Now a days, companies and workspaces have started to include the wellness factor in their design, operations, and day-to-day activities in the office. You can incorporate an on-site gym, yoga or meditation sessions, or designing the office space in a way that encourages physical activity during the work hours, to make your workspace ideal.

Coworking space providers can offer healthy and wholesome snacks to all the members in their spaces and also during events. Adding green life and natural light in the interiors also contributes to the environment.

Collaboration at Workspace

The whole concept of workplace has undergone a complete makeover. Companies have realized the benefits of collaboration and are looking for ways to drive and boost up collaboration within and among their various departments, as well as with outsiders like vendors, clients or neighbours.

Workspace operators need to make sure that the environment at their workspace is conducive to collaboration. It should be creating enough opportunities for their members to find ways to collaborate with one another. Planning interactive sessions, or get together’s on occasions or festivals, playing games during events can help to break the ice among the various occupants in a coworking office space.

Corporate Coworking

This year we will probably see how corporate coworking continues to flourish and soon become a norm among companies of all sizes, types, and across cities.

Companies prefer those workspaces which encourage and drive collaboration. This lets the employees to mix and mingle across various departments and build up a genuine and strong workplace culture.

In order to attract these clients who want to boost up corporate coworking for their employees, make sure that your workspace has the capacity to welcome large and small teams and have suitable arrangements for all. The workspace must be able to offer various types of work environments that appeal to companies and employees alike.

Technology in the Workspace

Of course the internet connectivity is something you cannot afford to miss at a coworking office space. Besides that, you need to have cutting-edge technological solutions which make workspace more efficient and user friendly in its true sense. Few examples are mobile technology to help with security and controlling access or may be incorporating sensor data into the workspace.

The point is to find ways to make your workspace more efficient. You must dig out more and more to find ways to keep improving.

Technology is moving really fast today, and it’s important to keep up with the changing pace and and stay updated with the tech innovations and solutions.

Technology powered the workplace revolution, and it is now the time that technology powers the workplace evolution.

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